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By leaving the box below ticked, I consent to Epping Youth Officials taking pictures/videos of my child which may be used on the Epping Youth Website or promotional material only, I furthermore understand that Football is played in Public Areas and Epping Youth FC has no control of any imagery taken by the general public or other spectators.

Photography Consent

EYFC Terms and Conditions

By clicking the consent box below I:

Consent for my child to play football for Epping Youth Football Club

Understand that neither the club and its officials or the leagues in which it participates can accept liability for accident or injury whilst engaged in training or playing football matches

Understand that every endeavour will be made for to supervise my child whilst they are under the care of Epping Youth FC

Authorise any member of Epping Youth FC to act as Guardian to the above
named child in so far as any medical or hospital treatment that is required for
any injury sustained whilst he/she is under the care, control and guardianship
of Epping Youth FC


Understand that by signing this form I committing to abide by the Epping Youth Club Constitution and to fully respect the officials of the club, the players, referees and opposition, and that failure to do so could result in my expulsion from
the club.


I agree to abide by the FA Respect policy

I consent to Epping Youth FC terms and conditions & theFA respect Code of Conduct

Due to the ongoing situation regarding Covid we currently await guidance from the FA around how and when Season 20/21will operate.

Signing to the club signifies only your desire for your child to play football for Epping Youth FC in the coming season

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